Koniec marzeń o VCS dla PC!

W dniu dzisiejszym oficjalnie ogłoszono koniec projektu VCS PC dla SA. W ostatnim czasie niewiele pracowano nad modyfikacją, jednak jakiś postęp był. Dziś już wiemy, że to koniec.

Jeden z twórców moda napisał na GTAF:

Hey everyone, it is with deep regret that we have to announce that Vice City Stories: PC Edition is now over, cancelled, gone, ended, etc, Silent is simply too busy these days for the project and our attempts at seeking out other to help have not only failed, but also backfired. Now, sure, I’m annoyed we never got to finish Silver Palmetto, but rest assured as a final bow we will be uploading our folders as is for people to play around with, check out assets, etc, and hell, if someone wants to steal them and go make their own version, whatever, that’s what this community seems to be like now. So yes, this is goodbye, it’s been a fun few years, and we had such high hopes for this project but alas it’s ending on a whimper. So stay tuned, we’ll post the links in a few days once we have got things sorted.

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